Sunday, 2 October 2016

Jeffree Skewes #21 The Turquoise Lake

  24 Aug 2016

Most imagine vast inner land
an incomprehensible desert
its valleys high hills and canyons
not accessible and scary lit dark
yet a certain time of day reveals
plenty and more to know

what appears inside away
from the obvious everyday
lay gorges cool pools and reflections
ancient selves beyond clocks
promising possibilities aspirations
dreams satisfaction even peace to some

mainstream culture sees this deeper heart
as a country of eerie mystical stuff apart
unapproachable dangerous pointless
waste of time dismissive and dissuading
advising ordinaries not to stray too deep
as some will never come back

earlier that morning the air possessed
a fuzzy sandy obscuring sameness
elevating lush daydreaming to closet waterfalls
and wells within just under the skin listening
to every drop from beginning to end
though never quite arriving

initially the muffled rustlings of narrow verdant
market towns tinkering villages
uncover oddly dissolving gully tracks gnarly paths
guttered roads and long ancient highways
shepherding to hamlets occupied just to focus
on a life eked out daily close to the well

the journey to those within places set off
harmonic after shadows and finally silence
behind shutters clattering herds
determined by a kind of geographical deft music
no garden no meter no teacher no rules no map
no shopping no waste no loss no worries perhaps

ahead the lively clanking sounds inspire a duet
then a trio and eventually a grande festival ensemble
people and herds mill towards the mid-day shade of nature's
oasi hoping for lake breezes now and then and some
chance feet dipping and ruminations of the ancient
architectural tiling reflected on the Turquoise Lake

arriving at last dusted and worn enlivened reborn
and nourished for the coming next days journeying
eyes shut now dreaming plein air clarity star gazing
versing poetry reciting shouting quietness singing
eating bread and drinking wine dancing walking
soaking contentment fulfillment in that lake

image: Rumi the Lake  - synthetic polymer & oil paint on insulation material and cotton paper / jskewes

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