Sunday, 2 October 2016

Jeffree Skewes #19 The Sleep Inn

 22 Aug 2016

Feet below ceiling above windows curvature
look around the foreign inn that took you in
late last night now sun's slowly creeping

stayed among those who spoke not of circles
one by one just drew theirs square
afraid and shy of the sun creeping in

actor's gone there is no mask
you're up next made-up, costumed with no lines
stage a transparent glass

if the day begins preparing for night
sleep peace or rest be a frozen grave
doubt exists as the smoke of mindlessness

articulate and express persistence
persimmon passage shouts awake
mind body heart

Silk is on the road

image: Silk on the Road - installation maquette prototype 2. desert sand rice paper silk synthetic polymer paint ink silk ribbon / jskewes

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