Monday, 3 October 2016

Jeffree Skewes #12 Georgia on my Mind

August 17, 2016
Here feet one by one sing
those verdant ridges clay
and peaking mirages

washed onto their shores
melodic antediluvian locals had
revived and sheltered the stranger

curious of course of sailors
and of pilgrims
unwittingly off course

spat out onto their coast
from a black night and a darkly sea
a stranger stranded in a strange land

resurrected and facing the sun
believing the promise
the present lay just beyond

Clochisian antiquity eminent
and worldly to the quest
escort their nomad eastward

over a ridge endlessly recurring
now with snow ahead
the only views behind

dense forested wildness
caves streams and trees gave
shelter from the storm

summer at last ice melting
onto cool grass
would not be the last

peep ahead straight ahead
plateaued eye-shot
peopled with dissimilar arrows

declivitous passage rewarded
to conjure those special spells
necessary to ring unknown friends

congenial secluded and welcome
it's not a miracle but Eden's
road along the way...

image:Green (detail) synthetic polymer and enamel paint on stretched canvas jskewes

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